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How Can I Achieve Volume and Body in My Hair in Singapore’s Climate?

October 26, 2023
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Singapore is renowned for its tropical rainforest climate. With high humidity levels throughout the year, temperatures averaging around 30°C, and sporadic rainfall, the city-state presents a unique set of challenges for maintaining voluminous and bouncy hair. The damp and often sweltering conditions can leave many with limp, lifeless tresses.

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand the problem. Hair is highly sensitive to moisture. When the surrounding air is humid, hair fibres absorb the excessive moisture, causing them to swell and disrupt their shape. This is why hair tends to become frizzy or flat in humid conditions.

Expert Tips from the Best Hair Stylists in Singapore

As home to some of the best hair stylists in Singapore, Zona Felice has a wealth of knowledge on tackling this hair concern. Here are the top recommendations from our leading hair experts:

Choice of Shampoo and Conditioner

Opt for volumizing shampoos and conditioners. These products are specially formulated to boost the body and thickness of hair. They cleanse the scalp effectively without weighing down your tresses.

Proper Blow-Drying Techniques

Talk to any hair stylist in Singapore, and they’ll emphasize the importance of mastering the blow-drying technique. Always direct the airflow from the roots towards the ends. This lifts the hair at the roots and gives a more voluminous appearance. Using a round brush can also help achieve that desired bounce.

Utilize Root Lifting Sprays

Root-lifting sprays are a godsend. Apply them to the roots before blow-drying to get that extra lift and hold, which is crucial for volume that lasts all day.


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Regular Trimming

Regularly getting rid of split ends can make your hair look fuller. Hair that is damaged and has split ends often appears thinner.

Volumizing Hair Masks and Treatments

Treat your hair to volumizing masks or salon treatments. These treatments, recommended by the best hair stylists in Singapore, nourish your hair and provide it with the essential nutrients to remain bouncy and voluminous.

Avoid Heavy Oils and Serums

While oils and serums can be great for hair health, using heavy ones can weigh your hair down. Always opt for lightweight products, especially in humid conditions.

Zona Felice: Your Destination for Gorgeous Hair in Singapore

Our team of highly skilled and passionate hair stylists in Singapore stands as a testament to our commitment to bringing your hair dreams to life. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge techniques, years of experience, and an innate sense of creativity, our hair stylists can transform hair into captivating works of art.

Whether you seek a classic elegance, a bold avant-garde statement, or anything in between, our talented stylists are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. We have a deep understanding of Singapore’s challenging climate and know exactly how to ensure that your hair not only looks fantastic but also stays that way. Why not treat yourself to a transformative experience at Zona Felice? Let our stylists show you the true potential of your hair. Schedule an appointment with us!

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