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Expert Hair Straightening Treatments

Step into the world of sleek, smooth, and manageable hair with Zona Felice’s exceptional hair straightening treatments. Serving the beauty needs of Singapore, we have refined and mastered the art of transforming frizzy, curly, and unruly hair into strands of sheer elegance. Our signature treatments are not just about making hair straight; they’re about bestowing it with a silky texture and a healthy sheen that makes heads turn.

Hair Straightening Treatment

Our Hair Straightening Services

1. Standard Soft Rebonding:

One of Singapore’s most sought-after hair straightening treatments, soft rebonding at Zona Felice ensures your hair remains straight with a touch of natural wave, eliminating the overly flat look. Perfect for those who crave a balance between stick-straight hair and natural waves.

2. Standard Rebonding:

Our rebonding technique is ideal for those seeking perfectly straight hair. It uses a combination of hair creams and mild chemicals to reset the natural structure of the hair, resulting in sleek, straight locks that shimmer with health.

3. Xtenso Rebonding:

A trusted method in hair straightening, Xtenso treatment gives enduring straightness and reduces frizz, making your hair smooter, more manageable and less prone to tangles.

4. Mucota Rebonding:

Mucota is our exclusive treatment for those desiring soft rebonding results. It provides a gentler approach to hair straightening, ensuring minimal damage and maximum smoothness, leaving hair with a soft texture and a lustrous shine.

Soft Rebonding Singapore
Hair Rebonding Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Straightening

Q: How long does the hair straightening treatment last?

A: On average, our treatments can last from 6 to 12 months. However, it largely depends on hair type, growth rate, and aftercare.

Q: Is hair straightening damaging to the hair?

A: At Zona Felice, we use premium products and best practices to minimize any damage. However, like all treatments, it’s essential to follow our aftercare recommendations for maintaining hair health.

Q: Can I wash my hair immediately after the treatment?

A: We recommend waiting at least 48 hours after the treatment before washing to allow the treatment to set in and give lasting results.

Q: How is rebonding different from other hair straightening treatments?

A: Rebonding uses a chemical process to break down natural bonds in the hair and restructure them, making hair straight. It’s a more permanent method than other treatments and offers a sleek, straight appearance.