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Our team of highly skilled and passionate hair stylists in singapore stands as a testament to our commitment to bringing your hair dreams to life. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge techniques, years of experience, and an innate sense of creativity, our stylists possess the remarkable ability to transform hair into captivating works of art. Whether you seek a classic elegance, a bold avant-garde statement, or anything in between, our talented stylists are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations, leaving you with a crowning glory that radiates confidence and beauty.

Benly Lee - Best Hair Stylist Singapore

Benly Lee


A passionate and highly skilled stylist, Benly discovered her flair for art and grew a fascination for colors when she was a student. The ability to watch her work transform in real time drew her to pursue a career in cosmetology, as she was able to work and perform at the same time to produce instant results. Benly believes that haircuts are more than just a service, and strives to create memorable experiences for customers.

Cindy Tan - Best Hair Stylist Singapore

Cindy Tan


A fearless go-getter, Cindy had her humble beginnings in image consulting and was always interested in finding ways to allow others to feel and look their best. She took a leap of faith to train as a stylist and grew to appreciate the art over time. Cindy enjoys being able to journey with her customers and provide exceptional styles through their every stage of life. As a hairstylist, she is always ready and eager to take on any challenge that comes her way.

Dyllis Liow - Hair Stylist Singapore

Dyllis Liow


Cheerful and passionate, Dyllis dreamed of becoming a hairstylist from a young age. After graduating from cosmetology school in Malaysia, she decided to come to Singapore to give a shot at becoming a hairstylist. Dyllis is always eager to learn, looking to refresh and upgrade her skills to provide quality services for her customers. The idea that just a person’s image can be totally changed just by styling the hair excites her, and she believes that a good haircut is one that gives clients confidence and joy to go about their day.

Jeffrey Ngủi - Hair Stylist Singapore

Jeffrey Ngủi


Down-to-earth and creative, Jeffrey’s journey as a stylist started out as a simple bet to interview at a salon. Although he had no experience in cosmetology, he picked up skills very quickly and eventually grew an interest in it. Jeffrey enjoys being able to help customers with their frustrations and turn their looks around. He believes that hair styling is a honed craft that requires a personal touch and can not be replaced by machines.