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Top Hair Colour Trends for 2024: Bold, Fun, and Natural Hues
July 9, 2024
Top Hair Colour Trends for 2024: Bold, Fun, and Natural Hues

Looking to refresh your look this year? The top hair colour trends for 2024 are here to inspire you. From bold and vibrant shades to fun, playful tones and natural hues, this year’s trends offer something for everyone. Whether you want to make a dramatic change or subtly enhance your natural colour, these trends will keep you stylish and chic. Let’s dive into the hottest hair colour trends that will define 2024.

Embracing Vibrancy With Latte Hair and Colours

Top Hair Colour Trends for 2024: Bold, Fun, and Natural Hues

No longer content with safe, subtle hues, 2024 will see daring men and women flocking to salons in search of vibrant, candy-inspired colours. The experts predict latte hair will rise to the top – featuring rich, creamy hues like frosted cappuccino brown with lighter buttercream and honey blonde highlights woven throughout. The overall effect flatters various complexions with a delicate, sunkissed warmth.

For those craving an extra pop of boldness, cherry-cola hair introduces swirls of rich red and cola brown with ribbons of golden blonde and light copper. This fruity fusion ensures strands never look flat or one-dimensional. The possibilities stay sweet but sophisticated.

Platinum Blonde and Electric Hues

On the brighter end of the spectrum, icy platinum blonde will surge once more – now with added dimension thanks to strategically-placed shadow roots and ribbon highlights. This helps counter brassiness and keeps the icy hue from washing complexions out. Vibrant candy apple red, electric orange, neon green, and pastel purple will also have their moment in the spotlight – with many choosing rainbow ombre blends rather than committing to a single dramatic shade.

Warm and Vintage-Inspired Trends

For those who prefer understated elegance, 2024 will spotlight soft yet radiant warm brown hues with golden undertones like chocolate truffle, butter pecan, and caramel latte. Stylists will incorporate ribbon highlights and dimensional lowlights to add glossy dimension and movement. Those wishing to channel old Hollywood glamour can also opt for the modern iteration of victory rolls red. Using less abrasive ammonia-free dyes, stylists recreate the classically vibrant hue with an extra boost of shine and softness.


Elevating the Classics With New Techniques

Top Hair Colour Trends for 2024: Bold, Fun, and Natural Hues

Classic hair colours won’t disappear in 2024 – rather, they will be elevated and refreshed using new techniques. For golden blondes, buttery babylights and ribbon highlights will impart a brighter yet incredibly soft look. Stylists eschew the harsh stripe-like highlights of decades past in favour of a seamless, melted effect. Similarly, mushroom brown and chestnut hues receive an update with subtle red or auburn undertones added throughout for extra dimension.

Strategic Balayage Colouring

Balayage colouring proves ever-popular heading into 2024. This freehand highlighting technique uses a small brush and board to paint on dye, concentrating vibrant tones along the hair’s top layers around the face. When done correctly, balayage imparts a gorgeous sun-kissed effect requiring less frequent touch-ups. As women continue embracing lower maintenance colour, expect balayage’s seamless radiance to surge.

Choosing Shades to Flatter Skin Tones

With colour trends spanning the spectrum from platinum ice to fiery coppers, selecting the most flattering option proves essential. Those with warm, peaches and cream complexions tend to suit caramel, buttercream, and rich chocolate brown hues best. Meanwhile, women with cool pink undertones will dazzle with ash brown, chestnut, silvered steel greys, and inky black locks. Consulting a colourist helps ensure new trends complement – not overwhelm.


Key Colours For Spring/Summer 2024

Top Hair Colour Trends for 2024: Bold, Fun, and Natural Hues

As spring and summer 2024 approach, warm colour trends will hold strong while vibrant options like cherry and violet red come into focus as well. Expect to see enhanced takes on classic reds and caramels, now with brighter copper and violet undertones added for depth. Stylists will incorporate subtle hints of rose gold and peach to inject a bolstered radiance and delicately warm complexions.

Choosing Between Warm and Cool Shades

Both warm and cool shades prove popular for the warmer months, depending upon complexion. Those with warmer skin will dazzle with buttery golds, rich chocolate browns, sunny coppers, and caramel colours with ribbon highlights. Meanwhile, women with pink undertones can embrace daring cherry cola colours along with deep violet reds and the modern icy platinum blonde.

Experimenting Playfully as Self-Expression

With hair colour no longer strictly utilitarian, 2024 will see more consumers viewing vivid dyes as a form of self-expression. Playing with vibrant pastels, daring neons, dimensional ombres, and rainbow underside reveals will rise. Yet professional guidance remains key to avoiding disasters – especially for fragile hair. Thorough consultations can help create unique looks that align with hair health.


Maintaining Healthy Hair and Vibrant Colour

As dyeing hair becomes an artistic form of self-expression, maintaining healthy strands despite constant chemical processing proves essential. Bleaches leach moisture while permanent colours contain damaging ammonia and peroxides. Luckily, protective measures and treatments also continue advancing.

Get Oribe at Zona Felice

The latest generation of bond-building hair treatments utilises active proteins to revitalise hair weakened by dyeing. At Zona Felice, we offer these top-of-the-line products both at our salon and our online shop. Applied regularly, either in the salon or at home, these reparative treatments from Oribe reinforce critical structures and restore shine, smoothness, elasticity, and strength over time. Using them faithfully allows for vibrant experimentation with less risk of breakage or fried strands.

Weekly Protein-Infused Masks

To complement the bond-building treatments, we recommend weekly protein-infused masks. These products contain keratin proteins, strengthening ceramides, and damage-reversing oils—key ingredients to nourish strands from within. As the hair craze for playful colours expands, intensive weekly conditioning becomes non-negotiable. These masks are designed to keep hair resilient despite constant processing.

Zona Felice’s commitment to hair health doesn’t stop with products. We also offer personalised consultations to help clients choose the best hair colour, style, treatments and regimes suited to your hair condition and colour aspirations. This professional guidance is crucial to maintaining vibrant colour while ensuring hair remains healthy and strong.

By incorporating these advanced hair care solutions from Oribe into your routine, you can enjoy the latest hair colour trends without compromising the health of your hair. Whether you’re visiting our salon for a professional treatment or maintaining your hair health at home, Zona Felice provides everything you need to keep your hair looking its best.


The Future Remains Vibrant

With salon trends embracing vivid dyes across the colour spectrum, while still keeping classic hues current, 2024 promises dynamic developments in hair colour. 

But don’t forget, getting the hair colour and cut of your dreams doesn’t just stop at the visit to the salon. Caring properly for hair health post-colour is important. Incorporating protective treatments into your routine should be the next step to ensure vibrant experimentation meets dedicated nourishment for gorgeous, head-turning locks.

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